This trilogy of works approaches the human quest for the unattainable. The viewer is invited to take a close look at each diorama from god-like perspective while listening to a story. As a myth, a bedtime story or even a tale, one is free to believe in it, to get carried away, or to seek a morality out of it. Anyway, these stories have neither beginning nor end, and the protagonists are only just trying to find a way out. To do so, they need to talk to trees, animals and even the past. Unfortunately, each attempt is doomed to failure; each communication is disrupted, out of reach, impossible.


A crow perched on a tree, tells the story of several pathfinders setting campaign across the forests :

Back in the 21st century, seven pathfinders campaigned across the forests. They needed to talk to trees. It was crucial. For a full year, the pathfinders spoke to these trees, meditating on their roots but the trees remained silent .

The pathfinders were on the verge of a nervous breakdown. One of them couldn’t take it anymore: “I can’t talk with people, how can I talk with trees? I am fed up! fed up! fed up !”

The Pathfinders, the Hand and the Trees - Olivia Hernaïz (2).jpg

The Pathfinders, the Hand and the Trees, diorama, audio (Geoffrey Norris), unique edition, 2019

I can’t talk with people. How can I talk with Trees?, screenprint (ed. 10), 2019

Exhibition view, Push Your Luck, Island, Brussels, 2019



The only survivor of a tower collapse attempts to set up a society on an artificial island lost in the middle of the ocean :

Kaleem went on and on , making up all sorts of rules for the island’s inhabitants.

- Article 22. All creatures shall think out loud all the time. Article 23. All creatures shall work everyday. Article 24. On Sundays, all creatures shall meet to pray to the Invisible Hand. Article 25. …hum, I think I am done here. Do you want to add anything, Tota?

- And we, eternal spectators, always, everywhere, Look upon but never from the open seas. It fills us. We construct it. It collapses. We reconstruct it. And collapse ourselves.

The Worker, the Mirror and the Parrot (1).jpg

The Worker, the Mirror and the Parrot, diorama, audio (Ramesh Nair), unique edition, 2019 

No help! No help! No help!, screenprint (ed. 10), 2019

Exhibition view, Push Your Luck, Island, Brussels, 2019



Three cosmonauts travel back to the past, trying to change the course of History :  

- Hey my boy, look at these people. What are these shiny suits made for? And the tubes? Can’t they breathe without them ?

- I think they are space travelers. My great-great grandma told me many stories about them. A long time ago, humans used to travel in the future and report back what they had discovered. At the time, they were looking for solutions to their chaotic present …. fantasizing about a brighter future inhabited by supermen. In a way, they expected us to be angels.


The Cosmonauts, the Cavern and the Angel, diorama, audio (Stewart Saunders), unique edition, 2019

They expected us to be Angels, screenprint (ed. 10), 2019


Exhibition view, Push Your Luck, Island, Brussels, 2019