Olivia Hernaïz is a Belgian artist based in London (b. 1985). She first studied law in Belgium and Argentina. While practicing as a copyright lawyer, she completed a BFA at la Cambre in Brussels. Then, she went to London to complete an MFA at Goldsmiths University of London. In 2017, Hernaïz won the first prize of Art Contest, a leading Belgian competition supported by the Boghossian Foundation. Consequently, she had her first solo show in the Museum of Ixelles in Brussels, entitled As Long As The Sun Follows Its Course. In 2018, she is the recipient of a fully funded residency at Can Serrat, near Barcelona coming up in autumn. Her work has been featured in multiple exhibitions around the world, most recently at the Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, Russia (2018); Le Consulat, Collectionair, Lisbon (2018), Les Flâneuses, Art Night London (2018) and The Gathering, Panthera Today, Brussels (2018). Her work has been included in several invitation-only video festivals such as The Screening at Ladron Galeria, Mexico (2017) and Meer-kost #1: Provenance, Dok Gent, Belgium (2018).


My research leads me to look into the pervasiveness of the myths on which our modern western societies are built. In my practice, I call into question the efficiency and legitimacy of imaginary fictions that human beings have created in order to live together:  the United States, God, the World Bank, the Global South debt, G-20, private property, democracy, Goldman Sachs, laws, the European Union, human rights, the market, justice, money...

I expose my network of ideas using found structures and materials collected compulsively. My fixation with the unusual leaves my work with no central point or hierarchy; I am the collector and curator of my own museum. Through the collection of materials – ideas of passers-by, derelict houses, political logos and bank slogans – I explore the structure of society and the representation of political and financial power. I am especially interested in the period that saw the rise of the State and the Market, mother and father of the alienated individual and the correlated blurring between public and private spaces. I am trying to understand what is left -if- to social interactions amongst individuals in the public sphere.


Born 1985, lives and works between Brussels and London.  


2016        M.F.A. Goldsmiths, University of London

2009       B.F.A. La Cambre, Brussels

2008       M.A. Law, UCL, Louvain-la Neuve and UBA, Argentina

2005       B.A. Law, FUSL, Brussels



As Long As The Sun Follows Its Course, Museum of Ixelles, Brussels - BE

Make Yourself Comfortable, Art Contest window, Galeries Rivoli, Brussels - BE

Make Yourself Comfortable, Art Brussels, Art Contest, Brussels - BE



Hzarad, Ladestructiondesespacesvides (curated by Iris Lafon), Brussels - BE




Moscow Biennale for Young Art (curated by Lucrezia Calabro Visconti), Moscow - RU

Le Consulat, Collectionair (curated by Alix Janta-Polczynski), Lisbon - PT

The Gathering, Panthera Today, Art Brussels Off Program, Brussels - BE



I had no idea: idea nr. 18, Alteria Art, London - UK

36 nuances de vert, tribute to Bernard Lorge, Project Room, La Cambre, Brussels - BE

CacotopiaAnnka Kultys, London - UK



Art Contest, ADAM, Brussels - BE

Make yourself comfortable,  Goldsmiths, University of London, London - UK

Abstract Rendering, Collectionair (curated by Alix Janta-Polczynski, Alteria Art) - online

Sham, Chalton Gallery (curated by Ruth Waters and Marianna Echeverri), London - UK

No lifeguard on duty, Westwerk (curated by Tony Tremlett and Caroline Elbaor), Hamburg - DE

Médiatine Award Exhibition, La Médiatine, Brussels - BE



Duchamp is innocent,  Chalton Gallery (curated by Helena Lugo), London - UK

I had no idea, Goldsmiths, University of London, London - UK



Seven Girls doing it,  Hangar Art Center (curated by Charlotte Friling), Brussels - BE



Parallax Scrolling, Galerie 100 Titres (curated by Iris Lafon), Brussels - BE



Travers, exhibition with Eva Kornblum, Project(ion) Room, Brussels - BE

Fermentation Primale, Espace OP (curated by Emmanuelle Indekeu), Brussels - BE

Ongekend, Roodkapje (curated by Annelien Kers), Rotterdam - PB





MEER-kost #1: Provenance (curated by Mirthe Demaerel, Ilse Roosens and Celine Vermeire), DOK Gent - BE

Art Night London 2018, Self-defense for the Flâneuses, London - UK



Live Concert, As Long As The Sun Follows Its Course, Musée d'Ixelles, Brussels - BE

Screening of UK-based artists, Ladron Galeria (curated by Javier Calderon), Mexico City - ME



Dessine-moi ton pays, publication of a children's book with Aude de Prelle



Love (without capital): Imagining Relations after UBI, The Showroom, London - UK



The House, Commission for the Liverpool Park, Brussels - BE




Can Serrat, Full Grant and residency, El Bruc, Barcelona - ES (Autumn 2018)



Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow/Vishny Volochok - RU (founded by Joseph Bakstein)             

Art Contest, Boghossian Foundation - First Prize, ADAM, Brussels - BE (Jury Members: Albert Baronian (Gallery), Liliane De Wachter (MUHKA), Dirk Snauwaert (WIELS), Carine Bienfait (JAP), Catherine Mayeur (Art historian)

ACME Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award (shortlisted), London - UK ( Partnership funded by ACME Studios, Jane Hamlyn and the Artisa Foundation)

Médiatine Award Competition, Cocof - Second Prize, Brussels - BE (Jury President : Carine Fol, Centrale For Contemporary Art)


Joya: arte+ ecología, Cortijada Los Gazques, Andalusia - ES

Prix Jeune Artiste, Parlement de la Communauté Française (shortlisted), Brussels - BE



2014    Would you like to make my portrait? Texts by Olivia Hernaïz, Brussels

2013    Brussels Anti-Demolition Campaign. Texts by Olivia Hernaïz, Brussels




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